Diy Photo Frame Wooden Dollhouse Miniature
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In a busy life, I always yearn for a long and comfortable vacation, living a simple life in a place away from the hustle and bustle, and giving myself a rest.

This product contains the material package is not a finished product, it needs to be assembled following the instructions!

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Product name: Diy Photo Frame Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Warm Dawn/Leisurely lunch/Summer Afternoon
Finished product size: About 19.5*16.5*7.5cm
Weight: About 0.6kg
Packing size: Gift Box Packaging about 22*19*7.5cm
Product accessories: 1: Wood board, Warm LED light with battery box switch

2::Include Manual, lamps, glue, cloth, plastic, wood, resin, etc.

Production time: About one-two days
Packing: Color box
Age range: Over 14 years old

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