Diy Miniature Kits Look For A Star
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The quiet back garden is colorful, and the swing evokes childhood memories. The main structure of the product is a half-enclosed wall. The open front and side can make the visual effect more perfect, not only dust-proof but also beautiful.

This product contains the material package is not a finished product, it needs to be assembled following the instructions!

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Diy Miniature Kits

Product Parameter

Product name: Diy Miniature Kits Look For A Star
Finished product size: About11*18.5cm
Weight: About 0.8kg
Packing size: Gift Box Packaging about 21.5*15*13.5cm
Product accessories: 1: wood board, music box chassis
2:Include Manual, lamps, glue, cloth, plastic, wood, resin, etc.
Production time: About two days
Packing: Color box
Age range: Over 14 years old


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Q1: What is after-sales service?
A1: For the first business, you must place an order first, you will know whether our quality meets your requirements.
-We will carefully check and pack the goods before shipment.
-Guaranteed every shipment. Once you receive the goods, please check the total weight and confirm that each carton is intact. This is very important.
-If there is any damage or loss during transportation, please ask the courier company to provide protection and contact us within 24 hours, we will solve the problem.
-If you find missing materials or damaged items, please contact us and you can send you materials for free next time.
Q2: Is your product customized or finished?
A2: Our products are finished products, but we need to assemble them ourselves.
Q3: Payment terms:Ex-factory(EXW).If you need,we can help you arrange delivery(CFR).
A3: 30% deposit and 70% balance payment before delivery.


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