Diy Miniature Box Theatre Roaming In Paris
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Wander the streets of Paris, surrounded by shops recounting history.The streets were suddenly quiet and everyone was sitting at the outdoor table enjoying the beer, coffee or tea. In the distance stands the Eiffel Tower, a silent witness of the city's transformation.

This product contains the material package is not a finished product, it needs to be assembled following the instructions!

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Product name: Diy miniature box theatre Roaming In Paris
Finished product size: About 16.4*2.6*14.3cm
Weight: About 0.35kg
Packing size: Gift Box Packaging about 22.5*15*5.5cm
Product accessories: 1: wood, paper, power board switch,iron box
2:Include Manual, lamps, glue, cloth, plastic, wood, resin, etc.
Production time: About one day
Packing: Color box
Age range: Over 14 years old


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Q1: What is after-sales service?
A1: For the first business, you must place an order first, you will know whether our quality meets your requirements.
-We will carefully check and pack the goods before shipment.
-Guaranteed every shipment. Once you receive the goods, please check the total weight and confirm that each carton is intact. This is very important.
-If there is any damage or loss during transportation, please ask the courier company to provide protection and contact us within 24 hours, we will solve the problem.
-If you find missing materials or damaged items, please contact us and you can send you materials for free next time.
Q2: Is your product customized or finished?
A2: Our products are finished products, but we need to assemble them ourselves.
Q3: Payment terms:Ex-factory(EXW).If you need,we can help you arrange delivery(CFR).
A3: 30% deposit and 70% balance payment before delivery.


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