Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit Monet Garden
Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit Monet Garden

A 360-degree fully open architecture French romantic style villa with a warm and romantic bedroom, an open kitchen and a prosperous garden.

Monet's Garden is different from ordinary villas. It has a variety of characteristic flowers and plants. The flowers and plants he planted are scattered around the garden like fairy flowers. Entering the villa, various flowers are in full bloom.

Sitting in front of the dining chair, leisurely sipping afternoon tea and talking about various interesting little things, or sitting in a hanging chair and swaying gently, smelling the fragrance of various garden flowers.

There is a strong pursuit and love for art everywhere in the villa, and each place has a strong decorative style.

Everyone has their own garden of Monet in their heart, and this is the garden of Monet in my heart.

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